The Pinks of Summer

Pink.  Everyone looks good in it.  It’s cheery.  It’s fun.  And it’s the color of some of my very favorite summery foods and drinks!

  • Watermelon:  the ultimate summer food.  Look for whole watermelons that are firm, have a yellowish underside, and give a nice hollow ‘thump’ when you knock on it.  I cut it up into cubes for the beach (no rinds to throw out), or wedges for a backyard snack.  It’s okay to store at room temperature before it’s cut, but once you do slice it up, keep it refrigerated.
  • Watermelon Ale:  Made in my home state of Connecticut, Thomas Hooker Brewery’s Watermelon Ale is “strangely refreshing” according to the label.  I have to agree!  It’s perfect to sip while grilling on your deck.  Okay, so the beer isn’t actually pink (probably a good thing), but when sipped from the bottle you can imagine it any color you want!  Slighly sweet and actually watermelony in flavor, it’s a great addition to your fridge this summer.
  • Rosè wine:  I know there are a lot of people who still think of rosè wine as the sickly-sweet White Zinfandel.  But if you haven’t tried REAL rosè wine, you’re in for a treat because it’s perfect for summertime.  Most rosès are made from red grapes only, and are NOT a mix of red and white wine like many people believe.  If you like a particular grape varietal as a red, you’ll most likely also enjoy it as a rosè, slightly chilled during the heat of summer when drinking a big red seems like a waste.  I tend to prefer the fruit-forward Spanish rosès to the drier French rosès.  Some of my favorites are Rioja rosè and Garnacha rosè.
  • Pink frozen treats:  While out to a fabulous dinner in New York City (at Craft on 19th Street), I had a trio of delicious hand-crafted ice creams, including one flavored with rhubarb.  It wasn’t tart as I expected it to be, but rather smooth and sweet because of the addition of vanilla.  It was vaguely pink (like rhubarb) and phenomenally good.  I also love the new seasonal watermelon frozen yogurt on offer at Pinkberry (read my profile of it over at my other blog, The Secret Ingredient Online).  It’s clean and fruity with a little bit of tang.  Very refreshing!

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