The Ice Wine Diva

I recently received a tee-shirt as a gift which read “Wine Diva” —all in pink sparkles.  My friend said when she saw it she thought of me, which made us both laugh.  Yes, I do drink my share of wine, but a diva I am not.   Not about wine or in general, but I still love the shirt and will wear it with the same enthusiasm that I wear my sparkly Harley Davidson shirt (which is even further from the mark than the diva shirt, considering I’ve never been on one and have zero interest). 

A few weeks back a friend came for a party with a bottle of white wine that wasn’t chilled, so I suggested we pop it into the freezer for a few minutes.  Well, to make a long story short, in the meantime we’d opened other bottles and were drinking my champagne sangria, and completely forgot about the wine.  I didn’t discover it until the next day when I opened the freezer to get some frozen waffles for my kids, and there it was, cork blown straight out, and frozen solid.  I had no idea wine would freeze!  I knew alcohol didn’t freeze, and that many people keep things like vodka and limoncello in their freezers.  Well, I guess wine doesn’t have enough alcohol to qualify as freeze-proof, and my proof was right in front of me.

I defrosted the wine and honestly it was fine (like I said, I’m not a diva about such things).  But as I was sipping my very chilly glass something dawned on me.  What if I made wine-cubes similar to my coffee-cubes, so in summertime when it’s particularly hot and I’m feeling especially un-diva-like I could pop a few of those cubes in my glass and not worry about watering it down?   Maybe it was the wine talking, but I thought it was a stroke of brilliance and pulled out my heart-shaped ice cube trays and filled them up.  Hey, if you’re going to put ice cubes in your wine, they might as well be heart-shaped! 😉

The unofficial start to summer has arrived—and divas don’t do well in the heat!  Soon, when it is 95 degrees and you’re sitting on your patio sipping a nice crisp glass of wine at the end of the day, you’ll be thanking me as your cubes clink together in your plastic wine glass. 

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