Chocolate Mint Brownies-Worth the Re-Post

It was more than two years ago that I originally posted this recipe over on my other blog, The Secret Ingredient Online.  Well, while watching football last night, hoping for an all-green Jets/Packers Superbowl, I made some of my favorite “green” brownies.  Although I’m originally from New York and was rooting for the Jets, I really could not care less about football in general, but I definitely care about the snacks. 

To make life easier, I used a brownie mix (my favorites are Ghiradelli and the Trader Joe’s Truffle Brownie mixes), then topped them with green-tinted mint icing and more chocolate.  If you really want to cheat even more, just add a little mint extract and green food coloring to a prepared white frosting and skip the chocolate on top.  Still very yummy.

So whomever you’re rooting for in a couple of weeks, I promise people will be cheering for YOU if you bring these to the Superbowl party!

Check out my recipe for Chocolate Mint Brownies at The Secret Ingredient Online.

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