The Cook and the Cobbler

“So, do you cook like this every night?”

It’s a question I hear a lot during my Connecticut cooking classes, as we’re whipping up all sorts of delicious dishes.  Like most people, busy schedules sometimes preclude a fabulous square meal being put on the table at exactly 6:00 each evening, but for a long time I was happy to say that yes, I did actually cook a meal from scratch for my family most nights.  But then before I realized what was happening, that all changed.

I always played sports.  I was very active in school activities.  I was a very social kid.  Yet somehow, none of this ever interfered with dinnertime.   My two girls are definitely even more active than I ever was, and it seems like the older they get, the later and later into the evening the activities are pushed.  Couple that with the fact that last spring, my class schedule became so busy that I was sometimes teaching three nights per week.  Just like the cobbler’s kids wear no shoes, the cook’s kids…MY kids…were eating frozen pizza and convenience foods more often than I’m willing to admit.  I also suddenly realized that on the nights I was cooking,  it was for everyone except my own family.

It was time to make a few adjustments, and if that meant having to skip an activity here or there, or me teaching fewer weeknight classes, so be it.  I am very lucky to have a career which I love, but when I’m old and grey, I’m pretty sure I’ll never say that I wished I had worked more, wished I was busier, or wished I’d made the kids run themselves ragged.  I will say, however, that I’m glad I cooked for my family, and cooked every meal with love.

This Thanksgiving season, take a step back and look at your life.  Be thankful for the people you love, and for those who love you.  Make sure you’re living your life, rather than just managing it.  And don’t forget to slow down and smell the roses…or the pot roast, or the tomato sauce, or the vegetable soup, or the muffins, or the….

Happy Thanksgiving!



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