Skinny Cape Cod Cocktail

Drinking Cape Cods on Cape Cod.  The last two weeks I was living a cliché for sure, but who cares?  A Cape Cod is simply vodka, cranberry juice, and a lime.  But whenever I order one it seems to be mostly high-calorie cranberry juice.  Awhile back we were out with a couple and the wife ordered a long-winded version of a Cape Cod that was right up my alley.  Citron Vodka and seltzer, with just a  *splash* of cranberry, and a lime.  It’s light, refreshing, lo-cal, and pink and green which just screams Chatham right there.  It immediately became my drink of choice.  The only thing I don’t like is that it takes a long time to explain to the bartender what I want.  I mostly hate saying “a splash” because it just sounds so fussy.  But when I say a splash I mean a splash, not a half glass full.  Okay, so I guess I am fussy.   What I’m getting at is that this drink needed a name.  I’m christening it the Skinny Cape Cod.   Maybe someday it will catch on and instead of sounding fussy I’ll just sound skinny.

Skinny Cape Cod Cocktail

Put a shot (or two) of citron vodka in a highball glass, filled part way with ice.  Add seltzer (I like the lime flavored variety) to fill almost all the way, and top off with a splash (and I mean a splash) of cranberry juice.  Garnish with a lime wedge.

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