Citrusy Summer Drinks with a Kick

I’m a sucker for summery cocktails.  Mojitos with mint from my patio, iced tea that packs a punch, or pretty much anything with citrus in it is right up my alley.  A few weeks ago friends had a party and served what they called “Shime”, which was a lime-flavored punch made with vodka and beer.   It was deliciously dangerous.  The next day I mentioned it to another friend who said she makes the exact drink but lemon-flavored, which they fondly called “the lemonade sh*t”.  Then a recent college grad told me they made the same concoction at parties and called it “Skippy”.  Whatever you call it, it is yummy and refreshing (although can be a tiny bit troublesome because it is easy to put back far too many).  I served it at a party over the weekend and couldn’t believe how quickly it disappeared.  One couple proclaimed it was their new favorite summer drink…and I couldn’t agree more.  Drink up!



Summer Lemonade (or Limeade) Punch

Makes 1 large pitcher

1 -12 oz can frozen lemonade or limeade concentrate

12 oz vodka (use the lemonade can to measure)

3 – 12 oz bottles light beer


1 lemon or lime, thinly sliced (optional)

Pour the frozen concentrate, the vodka, and the beer into a large pitcher and stir thoroughly until combined.  Let the foam from the beer settle for a couple minutes, add ice and citrus slices and serve immediately.

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