Iced Coffee: Summer, Undiluted

I was an iced coffee late bloomer.  No one in my family drank iced coffee, and the places i lived in my early to mid twenties did not have Starbuck’s to tempt me with all sorts of overpriced chilly coffee creations.  When I finally tried one, frankly, I was not impressed.  It seemed all watered down and was completely unsatisfying to me.  It wasn’t until the summer after my first child was born that I tried another.   I found that mid-afternoon slump necessitated a jolt of caffeine, but it was a HOT summer.  Hot coffee wasn’t going to cut it.  Thankfully, I finally I had access to Starbuck’s and tried an iced latte–and NOW we were talking.  Much better.  Stronger.  More flavorful.  My kind of coffee.  But what would I do at home?

I tend to brew pretty strong coffee, so I discovered when I made my own regular iced coffee it was pretty good.  However, as I poured over the pages of  the latest issue of my favorite food mag, I came across an idea that was nothing short of brilliant.  Whenever you have a little leftover coffee in the pot, make COFFEE ICE CUBES to put in your iced coffee!  Instead of the cubes diluting your coffee, it adds even more flavor (and caffeine!).  Why didn’t I think of that?  Simple yet genius.  Well, I hauled out all my adorable heart and star-shaped ice cube makers (why have square ice cubes when you can have stars?) and filled them up with my super-strong leftover brew.  The result?  Fabulous coffee-colored cubes perfect for my mid-afternoon boost.   This is summer at it’s best, undiluted.

Happy first day of summer!!!!

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