New Product Profile: Frozen Diced Shallots

So a few weeks back I showed you how to chop a fresh shallot.  Useful, I hope.  But this new product I discovered today might be even MORE useful!  While browsing the aisles of Fresh Market (I recently blogged about their yummy carrot chips), something in the freezer case caught my eye.  Now, I’ve long touted the fabulous frozen minced garlic I use in just about everything.   I’d  also recently heard food-rumors that there is a similar frozen minced ginger on the market (I’ve yet to see it with my own eyes).  But frozen diced shallot sightings?   Nary a word!   I feel like I discovered gold!

The 3.5 oz box runs about $2.99 and is to be kept frozen.  It has a hinged pop-top making pouring out your desired amount easy.  Just like the garlic, you can add the frozen shallots to whatever you are cooking. or you can defrost them to be used in uncooked things like a vinaigrette.  What I LOVE about these is the shelf-life.  They stay frozen, so will not spoil, mold, or grow funky green shoots like their fresh counterparts.  You can keep them on hand all the time, instead of running to the market when a particular recipe calls for shallots.  AND, if you only need a very small amount (which is often the case), no problem.  You don’t have to use a portion of a fresh shallot then have the other part rot somewhere in the back of your fridge.  Just pour out a teaspoon’s worth, snap the top back in place, and pop back into the freezer. 

You could certainly dice your own shallots and freeze them—- which is one way to prolong their life.  However, to me, half of the reason you buy this is to avoid the chopping!  Plus, everyone loves  a cool little flip top dispenser!!

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One Response to “New Product Profile: Frozen Diced Shallots”

  1. jinjang joe Says:

    This is awesome! Shallots are pretty expensive where I live (Canada), and don’t keep well. They are, however, an essential ingredient in many of my dishes.

    They seem to be only shipping to US and France, boo-hoo!

    Thanks for sharing, though.

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