Season to Taste’s New Home

moving-pixIn July 2008 I was approached to write a food blog for (at the time called the WOW Women’s Network).  I’d been blogging on my own for about a year at and had just said to my husband, “I love doing this, if only I could get paid for it!”.   Call it serendipity, good luck, or a sign from above, the very next week this fell into my lap.  I couldn’t believe my good fortune.  A paid blogger!  And with that, Season to Taste was born.

Writing two posts weekly with original recipes was no small feat, but I enjoyed (almost) every minute of it.  I got a crash course in food photography (clearly not my forte, but fun none the less) and I was off to the races.  I would have rolls where I would crank out four or five postst in an afternoon and set them to publish on specified dates.  Sometimes I wouldn’t write anything for a week, either because I was busy teaching my cooking classes, dealing with my kids,  or sometimes I just had a case of writer’s block.  When I went on vacation, I had to be sure I had enough posts scheduled in my queue to last until I returned (no, I was not blogging from Cape Cod or the Caribbean).  It was a job that combined two of my favorite things…cooking and writing.  Something I could be passionate about.

Then, earlier this month, we Twolia bloggers got word that the site administrators had decided to focus their energies on ” promoting and bringing together female musicians, filmmakers and entrepreneurs”.   So, although the bloggers will no longer be a part of the Twolia site, I’m sure many (including me) will continue to write elsewhere. 

Please note that if you were previously subscribed to this blog, you’ll have to re-subscribe at Season To Taste’s new home found at:  I hope to see you there!

Many thanks for reading… your comments, emails, and notes continue to be an inspiration! 

 Happy cooking to you all and and wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!

Above photo by Andrew Huff


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