The Power of a Meal

orange-casseroleFood has always had a powerful effect on people.  It’s used to soothe (“comfort food”), it’s used  to woo (“the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”),   and it’s used to show affection (“cooked with love”).   Not everyone loves to cook, but I’d be hard pressed to find a person alive who doesn’t like to eat.  So when a person is having trouble, whether it be emotionally, physically, or otherwise, nothing shows a person you care like a home cooked meal.

Recently, I discovered  just how much people care when I  found myself out of commission for several weeks due to an illness.  Without my knowledge, my friends mobilized and I was presented with a calendar indicating who would be bringing dinners for the next 4 weeks.  To say I was completely floored is an understatement.  I always knew I had wonderful friends, but this went beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  Each evening, a different car pulled into my driveway, and out popped a different one of my friends with foil-covered dishes of every sort.  We had chicken—roasted, baked, cutlets, and casseroles.  There were pastas of every variety, chili, and soups.  We had pot roast and pork roast and everything in between.  Amazingly, we never once had a repeat.  It was like eating in a comfort-food themed restaurant every single night.

Knowing what I do for a living, many of my friends arrived with disclaimers for their dish….but it was completely unnecessary.  Every single meal was truly excellent.  My friends are seriously good cooks!  They managed not only to bring complete meals to my house during what I always think is the craziest time of day (late afternoon/early evening), but everything was always perfectly cooked, beautifully presented, and nothing short of delicious. 

I once read a quote from a chef who said “no one cooks for a chef except his mother.”  That might be true for him, but I’m lucky enough to have dozens of friends who were willing to take time out of their day to cook for me when I wasn’t able to do it for myself.  That’s pretty powerful stuff.

Casserole dish photo by merebearlandon.


Click here for more information about Tracy’s Connecticut cooking classes, or to read her The Secret Ingredient Blog.


2 Responses to “The Power of a Meal”

  1. zoe p. Says:

    Very, very cool. I hope you’re recovering well.

  2. Ringo Says:

    You deserve it! I hope it helped the healing process along a little more quickly…wish I lived closer to have added to the bounty…

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