Don’t Knock the Block Party Sandwich

img00086On a recent September weekend in my Connecticut town, every which way you turned, a different neighborhood was having its annual block party.  Since my neighborhood seemed to be the only one not partaking in the revelry, we decided to crash someone else’s party.  Well, we didn’t actually crash, but it was fun being honorary members of another (more fun) neighborhood if only for a day.

The food was exactly what it should be for such an occasion.  Hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on a huge rented grill set up in a driveway, long tables full of delicious looking homemade salads and snacks, and of course, a few kegs of beer.  After everyone  had been fed and the evening’s entertainment was over (a guest appearance by the firetruck), parents began shuffling the younger kids home with sitters while the older ones congregated in one of the houses to watch movies.  The party would continue well into the night for the adults, who told me that around eleven o’clock the guys would restock the coals to begin making the famous hot dog and egg sandwiches to which everyone looked forward each year.  Hot dog and egg?  “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!”  they said.  This I had to see.

 This sandwich is simply a hot dog, fried egg and cheese sandwich served on a toasted roll (hamburger or hot dog, whatever was left over).  The big frying pans were brought out and put right onto the grill grates next to the cooking hot dogs, eggs were added, then American cheese.  “Do you have a special name for these?” I asked.  Naturally, each one of the guys manning the grill felt the sandwich should be named for them.  To me it looked like a sandwich version of a garbage plate (some of you know what I’m talking about).  After snapping a few photos, I left the guys to debate and eat their creations.  As strange is it sounds, I have to admit that right around that time of night it didn’t look half bad!  The vigor with which the sandwiches were getting devoured told me that no one was knocking anything.


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2 Responses to “Don’t Knock the Block Party Sandwich”

  1. frances Says:

    Sounds molto interesting. I won’t knock anything until
    I have tried it.

  2. Block Party Buffet « Season To Taste Says:

    […] got kicked), the grill was fired up again for the neighborhood late-night block party specialty:  Hot Dog, Egg and Cheese Sandwiches.   Hey, you gotta have at least one […]

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