Discoveries of the Season

rose-wineEveryone has their favorite this, or favorite that.  I love discovering something new, or at least something new to me.  Below are some of my favorites that have been keeping me happy this season.

Rosé wine:  No, I’m not talking White Zinfandel here!   Once you can get that out of your head and open up to rosés, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Rosés are crisp and perfect for summer and early fall, and are made from a wide variety of grapes.  I tend to favor the Spanish rosés, which my favorite wine connoisseur describe as “really fun to drink”, but the French rosés are also really good( and a tad drier).  Stick to a 2008 vintage for best quality.

Kalamata Olive Hummus and Pita Chips:  I’m ordinarily not a huge hummus fan unless it’s super creamy and light.  However, there is something about the addition of Greek kalamata olives that make ordinary hummus sing “opa!”  Add some salted pita chips and you’re in business for a healthy snack or as an accompaniment to some wine or beer.

Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Thins:  Okay, chocolate covered pretzels aren’t exactly breaking news, but the super thin pretzels I found covered in DARK chocolate are incredibly addictive and worth mentioning (I found this particular variety at Trader Joe’s).

Flavored Vodkas:  Regular vodka has no flavor (or at least it isn’t supposed to)…but flavored vodka gives a whole new twist to your cocktails.  Try vanilla vodka in a martini, citron vodka in a Cape Cod, or pomegranate vodka with just a splash of soda.  If you haven’t been in a liquor store lately, you’ll be amazed at the wide variety of flavored vodkas on the market!

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Photo by ocadotony.


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