In Season: Green Onions

green-onionI recently picked up a beautiful bunch of something at the farmers market.  They were not scallions, and were not leeks, and I was calling them “green onions”.   When I got home I consulted a few of my “go-to” sources for food information, and could not find an apt description of what I had on my kitchen counter.  “Green onions” were said to not have fully formed bulbs;  mine had beautiful white onions at their base (which I’d have no trouble using).  I wondered if the tops may be called “onion scapes” (garlic scapes are the long, curly green tops of garlic), but didn’t find anything to support such a supposition.   I decided that rather than tossing them, I should at least try to create something from this tangle of greens, and that is how what I’m calling my “Onion Scape Pesto” came to be.

Into my food processor went the “scapes” with some olive oil, salt, and pepper.   When making other pestos, I almost always include a clove of garlic and some nuts, but I didn’t want anything to overpower the flavor of my scapes.  It turned out to be a good decision—- the pesto was surprisingly sweet and delicious and needed no embellishment.  The onion flavor was so mild that the pesto could really be used in the same way you’d use an herb pesto.  Tossed into pasta, brushed over chicken, fish or grilled veggies, or even as a spread for a sandwich.  

I’m still not sure what to call these mild but flavorful greens, but I know that I like them!

Onion Scape Pesto

Makes about 1/2 – 3/4 cupscape-pesto-001

1 large bunch large, green onions (green part only), washed, dried,  and cut into 2″-3″ lengths

Olive oil, salt & pepper

Place the scapes into a food processor fitted with the metal blade.  Pulse several times to mince evenly.

Add salt and pepper (to taste), and with the blades running, add olive oil in a slow but steady stream.  Continue adding the oil until a smooth “sauce” is formed and it moves easily around the work bowl. 

Add additional salt and pepper as needed, and serve on pasta, fish, chicken, or grilled veggies.


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One Response to “In Season: Green Onions”

  1. zoe p. Says:

    Cool! The Gazys send me these now and then, and the onion bulbs have a wonderfully delicate sweet taste. I’ve always let the really green part of the “scapes” bruise, brown and go to waste before . . . But now I’ll try and do a little something with them.

    The lower, whitish green part I’ve used like scallions or leeks.

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