In Season: Strawberries












 Here in Connecticut, the strawberries are ripe for picking!  We’ve had lots of rain this spring and summer, and according to “Farmer Jones” at one of our local farms, the result is giant, juicy berries.  When we went last week with some friends, that is exactly what we found!  Not only were the strawberries sweet as sugar, but much larger than in past years.  We filled up two 10-pound boxes in no time, not to mention our bellies, and headed home to decide what we’d do with our bounty.

Strawberry shortcake was definitely in order, and I was also excited to grill some skewered strawberries which I’d then drizzle with balsamic vinegar, Italian style.  Last year I made jam, but I’m short on time this week, so instead I decided to freeze the leftovers (look for a post soon on tips for the best way to freeze berries).  Although, based on the speed with which my kids are devouring our pickings, I don’t think I’ll be freezing too many! 

photo2The next few posts will be dedicated to our strawberry harvest, and I’ll share simple recipes so you can enjoy these berries while they are at their absolute peak.  Strawberries fresh from the farm are a far cry from what you’ll find in the grocery store in mid-winter! 

If you don’t live near a pick-your-own berry farm, local farmers markets are crawling with strawberries, so be sure to take advantage of the season!


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