It’s Summer CSA Time!

farm-stand-2One of the best parts of summer are the abundance of farmers markets!  I’m lucky enough to live in an area that also hosts a winter farmers market, but in many areas one must wait until spring or summer to take advantage of the local harvest.

Tomorrow marks the first week of my CSA summer share.  A CSA, or “community supported agriculture” is a farm share program run by local farmers.  The idea is that you pay upfront for a  “share” of the farm’s harvest, and in return you get a portion of whatever is being picked each week.  This way the farmers are able to have a guaranteed market, plus have money at the start of the season in order to budget and purchase seeds, etc for the following season.  It is a fabulous way to support local farmers, plus have access to the freshest produce imaginable. 

Each farm runs their CSA slightly differently.  Most will pre-pack a box for each CSA shareholder to either be picked up or delivered.  The shareholders do not necessarily know what will arrive in each week’s harvest, so it is a fantastic way to try new things you may not otherwise choose on your own.  A friend recently found a few big bunches of kale in her box, which was something she’d never tried.  She ended up making oven-roasted kale (look for that recipe soon!) and said it was so fantastic that she is now a devoted fan of the leafy greens! 

Other CSAs (like mine) allow you to choose what you’d like each week, which I love because I like to be able to use the harvest in my Connecticut cooking classes (for which I need to plan in advance).   I simply go to the farmers market where they have a booth and choose a set amount of veggies and fruit from what’s available that week. 

Whatever format you choose, consider joining a CSA this year!  If you’re a small family, think about splitting a share with a friend (which is what I do).  Summertime CSAs are the most common, but the farm where I belong offers winter and spring shares as well.   Support our farmers, eat fresh and eat locally!

For more info on CSA programs in your area, go to:

Click here for more information about Tracy’s Connecticut cooking classes, or to read her The Secret Ingredient Blog.

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One Response to “It’s Summer CSA Time!”

  1. Angela Says:

    Great idea! We will have to see if there’s something like that around here!

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