Pizza @ Home

pizzaI make pizza all the time.  Sure, it is easier to call for take-out, but unless I’m in a giant hurry, the process of making pizza at home is much more fun.  I have complete control over my toppings:  I can use organic ingredients, opt for low-fat cheese, and even make fun pizza designs with my kids. 


pizza-night-002Once every couple of weeks we have “make your own pizza night” and the kids each stretch out their own dough into whatever shape inspires them, then add toppings of their choice.  My younger daughter is particularly proud of the “Eiffel Tower” pizza she made one night, and my older one loves to make geometrical  designs with mini-meatballs.  They love watching their creations bake, and have even more fun eating what they made. 

While they are playing with their food, I also make a grown-up pizza which my husband and I can enjoy.  One of our favorites is my Aunt Nellie’s recipe which is mounded with sauteed onions and skips the mozzarella.  Another is a variation on one found at a local pizzeria which uses fresh ricotta and crumbled sweet Italian sausage.  We also love  pizza on the grill (a summertime favorite in our house), which is a must-try for any pizza afficionado. 

pizza-night-004Have a pizza night at your house!  Purchase some prepared dough, divide into 1/3 pound sections, and coat with a little flour (to keep little hands from getting sticky).  Oil some large sheet pans and have your kids place their stretched out “canvas” on top.  Set out bowls with toppings of your choice, including tomato sauce and cheeses (mozzarella, ricotta, and  grated parmesan are a good start).  Pepperoni, pre-cooked mini meatballs (I halve them so they sit flat on the pizza dough), jarred roasted red peppers and olives are great options without prep-work.   With a little extra work, you can include sauteed veggies like onions, peppers and mushrooms.  Bake your pizzas at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes and enjoy!

Include your kids in the kitchen….they’ll love eating their own creations, and more importantly, will have a blast as little chefs!

Click here for more information about Tracy’s Connecticut cooking classes, or to read her The Secret Ingredient Blog.



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