The Breakfast Sandwich: Updated

I’ve always loved breakfast sandwiches.  Bacon, egg and cheese on a toasted bagel with ketchup is my favorite.  Naturally, it has to be a giant, New York style bagel, with lots of crispy bacon and melted cheddar (or gasp, American).  Delicious, yes, but “figure-friendly”?  Not exactly.  Although I do indulge every so often, I have re-vamped the breakfast sandwich as we know it, and actually eat this version for lunch several days a week.  It is low in calories and fat, full of protein, and filling enough to hold you until dinnertime.  By substituting healthier, lower-calorie options in each layer, you create an equally good sandwich that you can feel good about eating.  Since I’m still recouperating from my cruise-induced food coma, this sandwich is a much needed light meal option!

Although they have been around for ages, I recently became a huge fan of the liquid egg whites in a carton.  Egg whites have all the protein of whole eggs, without the fat and cholesterol which comes from the yolk.  As for how much to use…  I usually eyeball it, but if you are looking for exact measurements, 3 tablespoons of egg whites equals what you would find in one whole egg, and has 5 grams of protein. 

I’ve also become a fan of multi-grain English muffins (I prefer Thomas’ brand—they always seem more moist than the others).  The “light” version has 8 grams of fiber, another 5 grams of protein, and at only 100 calories, seems like a diet-bargain compared to those big old bagels. 

In place of the bacon, I use Canadian bacon.  They are cut into perfectly sized round slices and fit nicely on the muffin.  They come fully cooked, so I just heat them up right alongside my egg whites.  If you don’t have Canadian bacon, feel free to substitute a small piece of deli ham. 

I skip the cheese, but if you’re disappointed,  just try it without once and I think you’ll be surprised that you won’t miss it.  If you absolutely can’t live without it, go ahead and pop a slice on top of your eggs.  You’re saving so many calories and fat by using an egg white and the “light” style muffin, you don’t have to feel to guilty about one little slice of cheese!!

Breakfast Sandwich

Makes 1 sandwich

1 “light” multi-grain English muffin, toasted

3 tablespoons liquid egg whites

1 slice Canadian bacon


Non-stick cooking spray

Ketchup (optional)

Coat a small frying pan with non-stick cooking spray and place over medium heat.

Add egg whites and salt and stir gently.  Fold into a fried egg about the size of your muffin.

Meanwhile, place slice of Canadian bacon in pan alongside egg.  Continue to cook until eggs are no longer runny and bacon is heated through.

Pile onto toasted muffin and top with ketchup if desired.


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