American as Apple Pie

After our autumn trip to the apple orchard, and the many apple recipes that were inspired by our bumper crop, I thought I’d never want to cook with an apple again.  However, on a recent trip to Trader Joe’s, I came across a box of frozen pie dough that made me hanker for apple pie.  Although all the apples from our apple-picking excursion are long gone, it was time to

I am definitely not ashamed of being a short-cut baker, but I will say that I have always made my own pie crust.  After growing up with my father’s homemade pie crusts, anything store-bought seemed simply put, sub-par.  This is not to say that I make pie dough with any sort of frequency—a few times per year is about my limit.  I figured that the few times I was taking the time to make a pie, I might as well go whole-hog.  That was until I tried this particular frozen dough.

One or two times I tried the “leading brand” boxed pie dough found in the supermarket refrigerator section.  Sure, it was easy, but the taste and texture left something–check that–A LOT to be desired.  I felt almost as if I could taste the preservatives.  Besides, if I’m going to eat something as fattening as pie crust, I want it to be fabulous!  Since “fabulous” wasn’t a word that I’d ever use to describe that crust,  I never bought store-bought again.  That was until I tried the Trader Joe’s version!

No, I am not getting paid on the side by TJ’s, nor am I looking for endorsements.  But I have to tell you, this is one good crust.  I have fooled many a person with this crust, because it really does taste very close to homemade—-good homemade.  It got rave reviews at Thanksgiving and was a hit at my last dinner party.  Even my father gave it the seal of approval!

What I like about this crust is that first of all, it is frozen, so you can keep a few boxes on hand for whenever the baking inspiration hits.  Secondly, the dough is pre-rolled into perfectly sized circles.  Most people who have made dough from scratch will probably tell you the rolling is the most difficult part.  This takes the stress out of the crust, so you might be willing to make pie a little more often. Keep in mind that these crusts are also great for quiches and pot-pies.  Just remember they need to be thawed first!

So, once again, “the secrets of a short-cut baker” are revealed to you here!  Shhhhhh—–I won’t bust you if you don’t bust me!


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