Mediterranean Grilled Veggie Wraps

Inspired by a colorful plate of grilled veggies I had in Italy, I decided to turn some of this week’s farmers market finds into a healthy and tasty wrap.  Grilling renders veggies soft and sweet, and gives that wonderful smoky flavor.  Roasted red peppers are a particular favorite of mine, and are surprisingly simple to do on the grill.  By placing them directly over an open flame (or even under your broiler if weather keeps you indoors), the skin blackens and easily peels off, revealing the bright red flesh of the pepper.  They require only a few turns, and are largely cooked unattended (because hey, no worries about burning them-that’s the goal!). Once charred, I like to place them in a bowl covered tightly with plastic wrap, which allows the pepper to steam and loosen the blackened skin.  Be sure to allow the pepper to cool a bit before trying to remove the skin-your hands will thank you!  

 For this easy dinner, I place some sliced eggplant alongside the peppers on the grill, and then place everything (plus a few other ingredients) into a wrap.  I love using whole wheat wraps, but was shocked when I looked at the calorie count and fat content of most commercial varieties. Ouch!  Opt for the “low-fat” or “carb conscious” types, which are often higher in fiber too. 

This dish makes a great weeknight meal, or you can wrap those wraps in some tin foil and pack them in a picnic basket for a fun alfresco meal.  They are just as good at room temperature, and great on the go.

Mediterranean Grilled Veggie Wrap

Serves 4

1 medium eggplant, cut lengthwise into ¼” slices

1 red bell pepper

4 cups loosely packed baby spinach leaves

1/ 2 cup crumbled feta cheese

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

4 – 12 inch whole wheat wraps

Preheat your outdoor grill (or an indoor grill pan) to medium-high heat.

First, get the pepper roasting, since it will take the longest.  Place the whole red pepper directly on the grates, and allow to completely blacken on one side.  Turn, and repeat until the skin is black.  Place in a bowl, cover, and allow to sit for at least 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, brush the eggplant with olive oil on both sides, season with salt and pepper, and add to the grill.  Cook approximately 2-3 minutes per side, until grill marks appear and eggplant is softened.

Next, peel the pepper by gently removing all the blackened skin (which will be very loose at this point and should come right off).  Remove the stem and seeds and slice the pepper into strips.

Spread 1 cup of raw spinach leaves on top of each wrap.  Layer the grilled eggplant and red peppers over the spinach, and sprinkle crumbled feta on top. 

Roll each wrap by folding in each of two ends about an inch, and rolling the opposite sides together to form a wrap (see photos below).

Fold the sides of the wrap about one inch.

Fold the sides of the wrap about one inch.

While holding each side in, roll the wrap as shown.

While holding each side in, roll the wrap as shown.

Tucking in the rolled end, like a burrito, being sure the short ends do not come unwrapped.

Tuck the top of the wrap around the contents and then up under them to secure. Be sure the short ends do not come unwrapped.


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