Grocery Venting


As a person who works with food, I am at the grocery store A LOT.  Although I live in a fairly large suburb of almost 60,000 people, the people at the grocery store actually know me because I’m there a minimum of three times per week.  Unfortunately, the type of work I do with food isn’t large-scale enough to use a wholesale supplier, who would probably deliver the food directly to me AND charge me a heck of a lot less money.   So, I make my rounds of the grocery stores and farmers markets on a frequent enough basis that many of the people who work at these various places call me by name (and visa versa). 

Being such a regular at the grocery stores, I tend to notice a lot of things, and some of them make me downright cranky.  My first beef—the single-use grocery store bag.  I admit that I haven’t always toted my own totes, but in the past few years I have joined the ranks of those who do, and it makes me feel a lot better about all the gas I use going to and from all these stores.  I have also noticed that more younger people than older people have gotten on board with this idea.  Maybe it is hard to change your habits after 50 years of expecting your groceries to be packed in store-provided bags.  I suppose there are things I can’t just get used to either (like texting—I am resisting becoming textually active).  But after reading about how sea animals are choking to death because they mistake those plastic bags for jellyfish (and therefore try to eat them),  that is enough for me to go through whatever teensy inconvenience it is for me to carry a few bags  into a store.  Not to mention that it takes forever for these bags to decompose (maybe longer).  We barely have enough room for people on this earth—we shouldn’t fill up all the extra space with plastic!  And just for the record, I’d like to implore all of you to think beyond the grocery store when it comes to bringing your own bags.  If you’re just purchasing one thing at the pharmacy or discount store, skip the bag.  If you know you’ll be buying a few things, bring your own.  Sure, I got a couple strange looks when I brought my Trader Joe’s shopping bag into a children’s clothing store last week, but so be it.

My other peeve is about stickers on produce.  Okay, I know the cashiers need those codes so they charge you for parsley and not cilantro.  And I know that companies want you to know that this banana was imported by Dole and not Chiquita Banana.  But what is with the advertisements on produce?  I saw a sticker on a cantaloupe advertising a new Disney movie!!  This is just ridiculous.  The worst part is that the things just don’t come off!  Unless they are affixed to an overly waxed apple, sometimes they seem to be super-glued.  Speaking of which, you go out of your way (and deep into your wallet) to buy organic produce, but then does anyone else wonder about what chemicals are in the glue keeping all those stickers stuck?  I can read a sign telling me what is what….I don’t need a sticker on every single item I purchase.  Thank God for the farm stands, where the worst thing stuck to your cucumber is a bunch of dirt.

Enough grocery-venting—– time to get back to cooking! 

Thanks to eastwindsoriga for the photo above.


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One Response to “Grocery Venting”

  1. Alison Says:

    I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one with these peeves! I used to carry my own canvas bags when I worked as a personal chef years ago but got out of the habit. During a recent move, I ran across them and have started using them again.

    Nice blog!

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